_wige MEDIA AG cooperates with DFB


Live images of amateur football:

Fussball.de and _wige MEDIA AG launch pilot phase

Cologne, 05 December 2016

The German Football Association (DFB) and _wige MEDIA AG agreed to consider the possibilities of a mutual partnership to increase the amateur footballs visibility. The objective is to provide German amateur clubs with a special video technology, allowing high-quality and fully automated live transmissions of football matches via a new platform called “sporttotal.tv”.

First _wige MEDIA AG will install the pilot system in the Bayernliga north and south as well as Oberliga Niedersachsen, during the second leg of the 2017 season. Following this test phase, it will be evaluated whether and to what extent the innovative systems will be used in further leagues and other divisions. Consequently football fans can watch the matches of their favourite teams via web TV – in the basic version – free of charges. As viewer you will be able to direct, change the perspective and share scenes on social media. The new platform “SportTotal.tv” refinances itself through ad-free premium subscriptions and advertising. In addition, there will be a close cooperation between sporttotal.tv and the DFB platform for amateur football “Fussball.de”.

Dr. Rainer Koch, the first DFB Vice President Amateurs, says:

“This project is as fascinating as it is innovative. During the pilot phase we are checking if this camera system literally offers a new perspective for amateur football. Especially young football players, boys and girls, communicate through social networks. Now they are able to post and share video sequences of their own team and home club games. By streaming the games live we also expect an additional revaluation. Eventually everybody will be able to see how attractive amateur football can be.”

“We do this to enable high-quality, efficient and cost-effective production in amateur sports. At the same time, we like to combine this idea with significantly more options for fans. Now they can follow matches live or on demand much more individually and flexible than on classic linear TV”,

emphasises Peter Lauterbach, CEO of _wige MEDIA AG.