_wige EDITORIAL GmbH, with branches in Cologne and Munich, is specialised in editorial services in the sports and automotive sectors, as well as the production of emotional image films and branded content.
_wige not only creates products for classic TV broadcasters, but also develops concepts for digital platforms and creative strategies, giving clients ideal placements for their brands and content, and presenting emotional and entertaining propositions to viewers.

For example: the unit uses this combination of competencies to produce extensive web content for the #RALLYTHEWORLD project, which follows the progress of our client Volkswagen during the World Rally Championship.

Another component of _wige EDITORIAL GmbH is nürburgring.tva creative unit specialised in especially cost-efficient filming of motorsports events, including making-of segments, product films, and image films.


  • Production of moving image content – from image films to TV shows
  • Post-production
  • Media concept designs
  • Motion and 3D graphics
  • Fan TV
_wige EDITORIAL gmbh
Tom Gamlich // Senior Vice President (MUC)
Thorsten Schroeder // Senior Vice President (CGN)