_wige SOLUTIONS is specialised in motor racing technology and is a leading supplier of media technology for a wide range of events. In the past few years this unit has established a successful track record of graphics and progress report service provision, as well as the implementation of media technology for annual business meetings, conventions, and product presentations.
With a  wide range of individually customisable production vehicles – our production units – _wige SOLUTIONS has almost unlimited capability for image and sound production. In 2014 the unit was responsible for the technological expansion of the Formula 1 racetrack in Sochi, Russia, and the new race control system at the Nürburgring.


  • Media technology (light // sound // video) including technical planning
  • Special race electronics
  • Data and progress report services
  • Real time and TV graphics
  • Mobile direction and production units
  • Hospitality packages
  • Technology rental


As a customer of _wige SOLUTIONS gmbh, we can help to operate certain processes of a project with TEAMVIEWER remote maintenance on your computer. In this case, you are asked by one of our employees to open the application provided below: “TEAMVIEWER Quick Support”.

Please, use this application only if  requested by one of our employees. The employee will only have access to your computer when you inform him of the ID generated by the programme.

Teamviewer Quick Support

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Managing Director
_wige SOLUTIONS gmbh
Thomas Hellemann / Vice President SOLUTIONS & TRAX