For 35 years we have offered our clients technological solutions with great flexibility, efficiency, and quality. Our portfolio ranges from broadcasting services tailored to individual requirements, to event technology, to the expansion of media technology in both new and existing event locations.

With our expertise we have planned one of the most modern racetracks in the world using outstanding system and race equipment, offer clients modern HD broadcasting options with our in-house fleet of OB vehicles, have developed production units with higher flexibility and lower utility costs than the current industry standards, and realise audio-visual concepts for leading corporations and event organisers worldwide.

But enough words: see _wige’s technical competencies and capability to innovate for yourselves!





Content is king. But only if it carries a lasting message. _wige specialises in motion picture content, because nothing else can create emotions so strongly.

A world of media, in which entertainment and educational options are combined with brand placement, is the ideal setting for fresh and creative ideas – for corporations, TV broadcasters, and digital platforms alike.

Our goal: to raise the value of brands using content, to create innovative and entertaining programmes for visionary media channels, and to inspire emotion in our viewers.




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